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Dispensary Advertising in 2021

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

How to Turn Green into Green

Even with an ever-growing demand for cannabis opportunities in the industry, you'll still need to put your best dispensary advertising efforts forward if you want your store to grow and succeed.

Dispensary Advertising 101 

Consider this your crash course in dispensary advertising best practices. In this article, we'll discuss a few different ways to succeed in marketing your dispensary. 

Whether you're looking to increase visibility online, generate more foot traffic for brick-and-mortar locations, how to use product placement, or host an event, keep reading to find the best ways to advertise for your cannabis dispensary. 

Increase Your Online Visibility 

Becoming visible online is the most critical thing you can do to make your dispensary known. Roughly 86% of consumers use the internet to find a local business—whether it's in their area or while they're traveling. 

Many business owners rely on a concept they may or may not know by name: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you have any online presence at all, you're using basic SEO by adding basic information about your company, which is great! A well-maintained SEO is essential for gaining visibility and web traffic. However, the SEO rules constantly change, making it challenging, time-consuming, and often expensive to upkeep. 

You can supplement your SEO efforts by making yourself visible online wherever relevant by adding your dispensary to popular databases and listings: 

Another great way is, of course, to take advantage of the many social media platforms out there. Here are some of the best social outlets for dispensaries to utilize: 

These websites and platforms are free to use, so why not take advantage of the free advertising? 

Pro Tip: Be sure to include only the most up-to-date information for your business (logo, website, phone number, address, etc.). Also, you'll want your information to be consistent across all platforms. For example, you'll want to use the same profile photo for social media accounts and whichever listings you create so that it's easy to find your store. 

Additionally, it's essential also to use these tools to engage with your audience—especially when it comes to customer reviews and questions. You can learn more about polishing up your social media accounts and how to create a GMB listing like a pro

Increase Your Brick-and-Mortar Street Appeal 

While people say, "never judge a book by its cover," they will judge your storefront by the way it looks. It's essential to make a good impression before a customer ever walks through the door. 

One attention-grabbing way is to make sure that your signage is visible and that it stands out while also blending in with the rest of the neighborhood aesthetic. While that may sound counterintuitive, you don't want your business to look out of place, but you don't want it to fade into the background, either. 

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Start by identifying your dispensary's general theme, and then use the outside to reflect what's on the inside. This concept should include your store's logo, color scheme, and some (legal and compliant) advertising for the products you sell. 

For example, if your dispensary specializes in proprietary hybrid strains, you're going to want to display that in writing on your windows or a banner to lure in new business. 

Pay Attention to Product Placement 

Not only do you want to attract people to your physical store, but you also want to give them an experience that'll make them want to come back again. 

The old-school beanbag chairs and Rasta posters won't work. You're running a professional business here, which means you want the atmosphere to be well-lit and clean, with mood-setting music and products placed at eye level. That way, products will be less cluttered and easier to find. Your store should be easy to navigate and never feel too overwhelming for visitors. 

Photo by Jan Zwarthoed on Unsplash

Depending on your brand's overall theme, you may want to hang compatible art & visual décor on the walls. Dispensary decor, when appropriately placed, can add a certain ambiance, which adds to the overall customer experience. 

Start Networking and Host Events 

There are plenty of networking events to help promote your dispensary and build your reputation within the cannabis community. Plan a party to introduce your dispensary, create community around your store by inviting the neighborhood, host an event with brands or vendors you work with, or seek out relevant companies and organizations to collaborate. Here are a few event ideas to help promote your dispensary: 

  • Grand opening or anniversary party 
  • Brand pop-up events 
  • 420/710 celebrations 
  • Educational events 
  • Cannabis networking meet-ups 

Regardless of the type of event you choose, it'll be a chance to generate sales, engage with others, talk about your values and goals within the cannabis community, demonstrate new products, introduce new strains, and much more. 

Get Creative with Dispensary Advertising. 

The more memorable an impression you leave, the more people will tell their friends and family, which is the best kind of advertising you can get- word of mouth! 

While focusing on events, product placement, and store aesthetics are all important, don't forget to start by making yourself more visible online, too. If you follow all four best practices for dispensary advertising in this article, you'll begin to see your dispensary sales grow, along with your customer base and online presence. 

January 5, 2022
8:43 pm

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