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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Invest

The keys to our long term success in the cannabis industry.

Our complementary verticals offer consumers end-to-end consumables access and provide vendors with a turnkey solution for distribution into wholesale and retail channels

Executional track record

We have over twenty years of collective leadership experience at the cutting edge of the cannabis industry.

Multiple Growth Opportunities

Vertical expansion will capture a broader market share and deliver significant profitability.

Multichannel Approach

By leveraging our multiple sales and distribution channels, including wholesale, retail and e-commerce backend fulfillment, our networks will drive customer demand and increase sales.

Strategic footprint & Scale

We can reach 90% of North American customers within 48 hours.

Top North American Distribution Platform

With 20 years of history, we are the leading platform for distributing premium cannabis consumables and consumption devices across North America.

Accelerating growth profile

Our solid financial and operational model focuses on organic growth, vertical expansion, and strategic acquisitions.

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We understand that your investment decisions should be as informed as possible. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have about how we conduct business, and we’ll provide you with clear, transparent and concise answers.

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