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With more than 20 years of operational experience and expertise, over 3,000 North American retail relationships, a growing portfolio of in-house brands and four distribution centers, we are strategically positioned as a leading integrated cannabis extraction, distribution and sales platform.

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Products that span the entire cannabis experience.

In Canada, the distribution of over 200 brands occurs under two identities, BOBHQ and humble + fume. BOBHQ distributes accessories nationally to traditional head shops and smoke shops while humble+fume is a category leading supplier for retailers, private key accounts and government customers including the OCS, SQDC, NSLC, BCLDB, NBLC, and PEIC.

Our U.S. distribution subsidiary, Texas-based Windship Trading, supplies thousands of smoke shop retailers, sub-distributors, e-commerce companies, and, most recently, legal cannabis dispensaries. Windship also operates distribution centres in St. Petersburg, San Marcos, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

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Our North American sales teams serve unique market segments.

As the only sales force in Canada able to offer a complete solution of premium cannabis brands and accessories, humble+ Cannabis Solutions is the country’s fastest-growing Cannabis Sales Agency. Its leading national field sales coverage delivers over 16,000 annual visits and trade marketing support to over 1,000 Canadian recreational dispensary outlets.

Over the past decade, our United States sales team, Windship Trading, has catered to the ever-evolving needs of head shops, smoke shops, and legal dispensaries with industry-leading accessories and CBD brands, including our Piranha and Elevate accessories brands. 

With 20 years of sales history and highly cultivated customer and vendor relationships, BOBHQ offers over 200 leading cannabis brands and over 10,000 cannabis products across Canada, as well as an industry-leading accessories catalogue serving headshops and smokeshops.


Delivering a premium and true-to-flower cannabis experience.

Fume Labs is pushing the boundaries of cannabis extracts — creating a higher standard for extraction and leading the industry in crafted consumer experiences. We exist at the intersection of science and curiosity, exploring innovative ideas and pursuing new products that define industry standards and redefine consumer experiences.

We facilitate authentic cannabis products and experiences through collaboration with cannabis pioneers and industry leaders. Fume Labs is a mark of excellence that denotes the combination of the highest grade of flower, standards of extraction, and best-in-class processes used.

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