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Our in-house brands, extraction facility & vendor relationships are an integral part of our value chain.

We have been carefully curating our diversified portfolios and building vendor relationships across 20 years to ensure they meet all of your cannabis and cannabis accessory needs.

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Accessories Portfolio

Your leading distributor of premium accessories.

In addition to our in-house accessories brands, we distribute over 200 of the world’s leading cannabis brands featuring over 10,000 products, including some of the industry's leading brands.


Named "Best Vape Pen" by High Times, the Puffco line features portable vaporizers with the largest ceramic chamber in the industry and the new innovative Peak desktop device.

Storz & Bickel

As one of our best-selling brands, Storz & Bickel, continues to steer the market and challenge other brands to become more innovative. Still, no vaporizer could replace any Storz & Bickel product in functionality and durability.


CCELL® is a leading technology brand with a focus on creating standard-setting vaping hardware products and advancing vaporizing technology.


⁠For more than a decade, PAX has created next-generation devices that deliver enduring quality through innovations in design and technology, and remain trusted by millions of consumers nationwide.

More top Accessory Brands We Carry

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Cannabis Portfolio

Masterfully crafted from hand-selected strains.

Representing cannabis and accessory brands in all ten provinces, humble+ Cannabis Solutions is a leading supplier to private sector and government customers, including the OCS, SQDC, NSLC, BCLDB, NBLC and PEIC. Its premium cannabis portfolio includes:

WYLD Cannabis

Wyld has also built a reputation for providing trustworthy, repeatable cannabis experiences which consumers can rely on. Not only do their gummies have great flavor, they are designed and continuously improved by the Wyld team of food scientists.

TREC Brands

Trust. Respect. Equality. Compassion. Humble is proud to partner with mission based brands, and with TREC it's literally in the name. TREC is focused on building premium cannabis brands such as WINK, Thumbs Up Brand, and Blissed, with 10% of all profits funding transformative initiatives that positively impact our communities, planet and society.


Fume Extracts is a company based on innovation. Founded by cannabis enthusiasts who share a passion for pushing the limits of extracts, both scientifically and creatively, we’ve dedicated our lives to finding the best experience possible.


Olli produces curated cannabis-infused goods (edibles) that epitomize the smoke-free enjoyment of cannabis, with unmatched quality and taste – and no sacrifice.

In-House Brands

Discover our portfolio of exceptional products for the sophisticated user 

Humble & Fume Inc. owns several in-house brands that have become household names by offering top-quality products such as cannabis extracts, grinders, bangers, pipes, dugouts, apparel, and more. Our in-house brands include:


Fume Extracts is a company based on innovation. Founded by cannabis enthusiasts who share a passion for pushing the limits of extracts, both scientifically and creatively, we’ve dedicated our lives to finding the best experience possible.

Our endless research and evolutionary methodologies keep us at the forefront of extract science, and our focus is always results-oriented; providing a superior product with distinct and refined flavour notes, a more multidimensional high, and a better way to enjoy cannabis. The art of science, embodied.

Elevate Accessories

Elevate Accessories, our premium in-house accessories brand, offers an array of thoughtfully designed wood-crafted smoking accessories designed to appeal to the luxury market.

Elevate's design ethos exhibits flawless function while reflecting clean, modern, and elegant styles. Elevate creates timeless products mixing and matching maple and walnut woods with black, white, or clear glass.


Piranha is our tried-and-true in-house brand offering a wide selection of quality grinders, glass pipes, rigs, silicone, quartz bangers, and other cannabis accessories.

The Piranha grinders, in particular, have become a staple product in thousands of smoke shops within our network because of the incredible margins. Piranha grinders and accessories are perfect for the novice smoker looking for functionality and affordability.

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